Our house rules

Dear holiday guests/ fitters!

Our accommodation should be a home for you. All our guests should feel at home with us! We ask you to adhere to the following small rules.

In general it is to be considered:

If you should miss something in our accommodation, something should be improved or, if we can be somehow helpful to you, let us know it simply. We will be happy to help you. Please be careful with the furnishings so that the next guests can enjoy them and feel at home. Should you suffer any damage to the facility, please inform us immediately. Usually such things can be clarified quickly and uncomplicatedly by means of liability insurance. Please make sure that your acquaintances, colleagues or employees also adhere to these small house rules.

The kitchen:

The tenants themselves are responsible for cleaning the kitchen. Please keep the kitchen clean.

IMPORTANT - Waste separation:

Please separate your garbage carefully into the bins provided.


We only ask you to smoke outside. Smoking is not allowed in our accommodation.

The bathroom:

The bathroom is cleaned regularly. Please make sure to open the windows after showering! Please do not dispose of food leftovers in the toilet.

Our rest periods / lunch times:

In order for you and your colleagues to be able to work fit and well rested tomorrow, it is necessary to keep the night's rest between 22:00 and 7:00.

Your duty of care:

Please close all windows and doors before you leave your holiday/fitter's accommodation. Please also make sure that all lights and the stove/oven are switched off.


The landlord is not liable for valuables and wardrobe.


As a tenant you will receive a key from us. If the key is lost, the entire locking system must be replaced. The costs are to be borne by the person responsible!


Please use only designated/public parking spaces and pay attention to the parking times if necessary. We wish you a pleasant stay!

Silke and Thorsten Henze, Grundstücksverwaltungs GbR, Büchner Weg, 61200 Wölfersheim (Phone 0170/7364750)